Exporters Of Blue Swimming Crabs


Our Story

Exporting The Best Frozen Seafood

We want to be among the biggest exporter of seafood around the globe. Serving quality seafood products and good services to consumers.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood products available in the market place. We must do this efficiently in order to be a sustainable business enterprise. To achieve this mission, every one of our employees must be part of our Quality Assurance Team and make that our number one priority.

Our Products

We ensure our products maintain a high quality standards which is a critical component at Gabes.

Blue Swimming Whole Crabs

Blue Swimming Cut Crabs

Blue Swimming Cooked Crabs

Freshly Caught

Our Seafood is Harvested On A Daily Basis.

Nitrogen Frozen

We Utilize The Latest Nitrogen Freezing Technology.

Quality Assured 100%

Our Products Meet the expectations of the markets and consumers.

Contact Details


Societe Gabes Marine Products, Zone Industrielle Gabès, Tunisie – 6000


+973 3366 0282



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